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See what The New Yorker says about GROSS EXAGGERATIONS

Françoise Mouly and Genevieve Bormes at the Culture Desk on Milt Gross


A Winsor McCay satirical update from Peter Kuper's celebrated New Yorker magazine comic page. Get this limited edition print and donate to Feeding America.

SUNDAY PRESS receives its 18th Will Eisner Award nomination in 2020!

Little Joe took the honor this year for the "virtual" Will Eisner Awards, which will take place online due to the cancellation of Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Little Joe reviewed

by The Comics Journal

SUNDAY PRESS receives its 17th Will Eisner Award nomination in 2019!

Thimble Theatre took the honor this year at the Will Eisner Awards ceremony at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

THIMBLE THEATRE well reviewed

by both The Comics Journal and Yesterday's Papers

SUNDAY PRESS receives TWO Will Eisner Award nominations for 2018!

Foolish Questions and Crazy Quilt were both honored this year at the Will Eisner Awards ceremony at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Chester Gould's DICK TRACY
Colorful Cases of the 1930s
is a

2017 Will Eisner Award WINNER!

Sunday Press is honored to receive the 2017 Will Eisner Comics Industry Award for Best Archival Project. Order from the Sunday Press website and get FREE shipping (U.S. only) and a Dick Tracy poster page.

Dick Tracy receives TWO great reviews in The Comics Journal

See what comics scholars Frank Young and Paul Tumey have to say about the latest collection from Sunday Press

White Boy makes NY Times Top Ten!

The New York TImes Holiday Gift Guide is out and White Boy is on the list of top ten graphic novels for 2015. "This exquisite collection, from the indispensable publisher of vintage comic strips, Sunday Press..."

Happy Birthday Little Nemo!

Little Nemo in Slumberland began on October 15, 1905. To celebrate Nemo's birthday, Sunday Press started a new series on GoComics.

See the run of Winsor McCay's masterpiece fully restored and online four Sundays a week!

SOCIETY IS NIX is nominated for a Will Eisner Award

The "Oscars of the Comics" were awarded at the San Diego Comic-Con

NEW review of Society is Nix in The New York Times!

" essential primer on the Big Bang of comic strips that occurred at the turn of the last century."

A great review of Society is Nix in Print Magazine!

"this one's a must-have. It's chockablock with a wide and wild assortment of early twentieth-century comics art with spectacularly imaginative and innovative layouts."

Origins of Comics at

GoComics, the premiere website for comic strips, is now featuring a serialization of Society is Nix, along with early comics from other Sunday Press editions and an assortment of pages that have never been reprinted anywhere.

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NEW review of Society is Nix in the Wall Street Journal!

Design master Chip Kidd calls it one of the year's best:

"Peter Maresca has been delighting aficionados of turn-of-the-20th-century Sunday comics pages for more than 10 years with his spectacularly produced and designed volumes, starting with "Little Nemo in Slumberland" in 2005. "Society Is Nix" ... is a collection that represents the birth of the medium itself...Mr. Maresca's approach is stunning and simple: He reproduces the pages at actual size (that is, enormous) with top-notch printing values."

AND...see what comics scholar Paul Tumey of The Comics Journal and graphics guru Steven Heller of The Atlantic have to say about this year's most essential book on comic strips.

The Meshuga Comic Strips of Milt Gross

Forward by Ivan Brunetti and Introduction by Mark Newgarden

2021 Eisner Award Nominee!

Sunday strips from Milt Gross, the king of screwball comics: Nize Baby, Count Screwloose, and Dave's Delicatessen. Plus dozens more examples of Gross's hilarity from books and magazines.

Gross was doubly gifted: an irresistibly risible writer and visually, a comics genius.

art spiegelman

144 pages, 13 x 17 inches, $85

Sunday Comics by Harold Gray 1937-1942

Introduction by Jeet Heer with essays by Sammy Harkham and Richard Marschall

2020 Eisner Award Nominee!

In 1936, after the untimely death of his cousin and fellow cartoonist Ed Leffingwell, Harold Gray took the reins of this seminal Western comic strip, yet took no credit. This book presents the best of the early Little Joe comics, flowing with violence, humor and warmth in a low-key style, not unlike Gray’s more famous Little Orphan Annie.

Some happy few will certainly discover Little Joe’s riches, and it can be hoped their enthusiasm will spread the good word of Harold Gray’s other great strip.

Bill Blackbeard

160 pages, 13 x 9 inches, $65

And the pre-Popeye comics of E.C. Segar

Introduction by Paul C. Tumey with essays by Jeet Heer and Michael Tisserand

2019 Eisner Award Nominee!

Featuring examples of all of E.C. Segar’s early comics and illustrations, and 125 pre-Popeye Thimble Theatre Sunday pages, including the complete run of the famed Western desert saga, a series that rivals his later work in superb art, storytelling and humor.

144 pages, 13 x 17 inches, $85 - OUT OF PRINT, second printing under consideration

Scraps and Panels on the Way to Gasoline Alley, Comics from 1909–1919

With a foreword by CHRIS WARE

2018 Eisner Award Nominee!

Frank King created nearly a dozen comic strips and features before his classic masterpiece, “Gasoline Alley.” During his first 10 years at the Chicago Tribune, he would perfect his talents in art and storytelling that would lead to Walt and Skeezix and their extended family. This volume presents a sampling of each of King's early Sunday and daily comic strips like “Bobby Make-Believe,” along with a comprehensive selection of his editorial cartoons and the complete run of the incredible jam-comic “Crazy Quilt.” Enjoy the rarely-seen work of one of the true greats of the American comic strip.

BONUS: a facsimile of the Motorcycle Mike action toy from 1914.

100 pages, 13 x 17 inches, $70

Rube Goldberg, early comics 1909–1919

2018 Eisner Award Nominee!

Before his incredible inventions made him a household word, Rube Goldberg was one of the most popular comic-strip artists in America. This hilarious collection contains the complete Sunday comics run of his first hit, “Foolish Questions,” a daily strip panel that was expanded and colorized for the pages of the Sunday Chicago Tribune from 1909 and 1910.

Plus a brain-scrambling assortment from 1910 to 1919 of the other panels from his daily comics series that gave birth to this wise-cracking classic.

BONUS: a facsimile set of four Foolish Questions postcards from 1913.

96 pages, 10 x 10 inches, $35

Colorful Cases of the 1930s

2017 Eisner Award WINNER!

In the early 1930s, Chester Gould dramatically altered the comics landscape with a new style of gritty realism torn from Chicago's headlines. This selection of Dick Tracy Sunday comics from 1931 to 1939 features Gould's most infamous villains of the decade in four complete stories, plus forty more fabulous Sunday pages, reprinted for the first time in the original colors and in full tabloid size.
BONUS: 4-page replica of the original 1931 sell sheet for DIck Tracy from the Tribune Syndicate.

Order from the Sunday Press website and receive a FREE Dick Tracy poster page from the book and FREE shipping.

168 pages, 11 x 16 inches, $75

2016 Eisner Award Nominee!

From famed New Yorker illustrator Garrett Price comes this magnificently drawn coming-of-age tale of a teenage boy brought up by a Native American tribe. The complete run of 153 White Boy/Skull Valley Sunday pages are reprinted for the first time in 80 years! With 15 pages of rare material chronicling the life and art of Garrett Price.

This exquisite collection, from the indispensable publisher of vintage comic strips, Sunday Press...

Dana Jennings, The New York Times

168 pages, 11 x 16 inches, $75

Gleeful Anarchy at the Dawn of the American Comic Strip

2014 Eisner Award Nominee! The Origins of Sunday Comics

A mind-blowing portable museum retrospective of the raw, tangled ferocity and frustration that went into the making of America.

Chris Ware

Full of surprises...curiously refreshing

Steven Heller, The Atlantic

Succeeds far beyond any expectations

The Comics Journal

Over 150 original size comics, by over 60 cartoonists:
the famous and unknown “Founders of the Funnies.”
Most pages reprinted for the first time in over 100 years!

156 pages, 16 x 21 inches. OUT OF PRINT, second printing under consideration

So Many Splendid Sundays!
(Volume One)

Winner of the 2006 Will Eisner Award
and TWO 2006 Harvey Kurtzman Awards


N.Y. Times

Stunning Volume

Garry Trudeau

Beginning with the first page, a collection of Nemo Adventures, 1905-1910.

128 pages, 16 x 21 inches, OUT OF PRINT, fifth printing under consideration.

read the reviews - read the testimonials - book details

Many More Splendid Sundays!
(Volume Two)

Winner of the 2009 Will Eisner Award

Presenting 110 more great pages from all 3 incarnations of Little Nemo:
1906-1911, 1911-1914, and 1924-1927, including pages never before reprinted.

Bonus: Gertie the Dinosaur flip book

128 pages, 16 x 21 inches, OUT OF PRINT

2012 Will Eisner Award Nominee!

This gem took my breath away

Art Spiegelman

A gorgeous collection

Steven Heller, The Atlantic

Over 150 fantasy comic strips from 1900-1915: Wee Willie Winkie and The Kin-der-Kids, The Explorigator, Naughty Pete, Nibsy the Newsboy, Jungle Imps, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend

plus dozens of fantastical comics by the greatest fantasy cartoonists of the age.

156 pages, 16 x 21 inches, $125 - OUT OF PRINT, second printing under consideration

Co-edited by Patrick McDonnell

Contributions by Michael Tisserand and Art Spiegelman

2011 Will Eisner Award Nominee! Best Comic Strip Reprint

NOW SOLD OUT. Second printing under consideration

A dynamite introduction to one of the most dysfunctional
duos ever found on the funny pages.

New Orleans TImes Picayune

Featuring the greatest Krazy Kat Sunday pages from 1916 to 1944. With 20 other Herriman Sunday comics, most never reprinted before!

Bonus: Sunday Press Bricks postcards, 10 classic comic characters get bricked.

160 pages, 14 x 17 inches, $100

Designed and co-edited by Chris Ware

Nominated for TWO 2008 Will Eisner Awards!

An utter joy. The only word that suffices for this elegant volume is STUPENDOUS.

Harlan Ellison

...a miracle, returning Frank King's brilliantly conceived Sunday pages to the public eye.

Howard Chaykin

Collected for the first time - the best Gasoline Alley Sunday comics. King's innovations in art, layout, and storytelling brought a new warmth and style to the medium at the dawn of the Golden Age of newspaper comic strips.

Bonus: Original Art Facsimile Poster when ordered from this website.

96 pages, 16 x 21 inches, $79

by L. Frank Baum and Walt McDougall

Nominated for TWO 2010 Will Eisner Awards!

Well worth the 110-year wait

The Comics Journal

Long-hidden treasures from the Land of Oz: the complete Sunday series by L. Frank Baum and Walt McDougall, and the 1904 Scarecrow and the Tinman by W.W. Denslow. Plus more full-size Oz and McDougall comics.

Bonus: Set of "Visitors" collector cards.

72 pages, 16 x 18 inches, $75

Foreword by Martin Gardiner

A charming oddity

N.Y. Times Book Review

The complete run of Gustave Verbeek's The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo, and Loony Lyrics of Lulu, and select Sundays from Adventures of the Tiny Tads. With additional comics and illustrations from Verbeek's curious and varied 40-year career.

Bonus: Set of 12 Tiny Tads postcards, replicas from the 1907 series created by Verbeek.

120 pages, 11 x 16 inches, $60

Introduction by John Canemaker

Nominated for TWO 2008 Will Eisner Awards!

Before Little Nemo in Slumberland, Winsor McCay created two strips starring young children. Here is the complete color Little Sammy Sneeze (1904-05) and the complete Hungry Henrietta (1905). The book features two other comics of 1904: The Woozlebeasts and The Upside-Downs.

Bonus: Limited Freebie Sammy Sneeze Tissue Box Cover.

96 pages, 16 x 18 inches, $55