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"... the best news in comics this year is books dealing with the world of daily strips. The most spectacular of the bunch, and likely the most spectacular book about comics ever, is "Little Nemo in Slumberland -- Splendid Sundays," an ... impeccably reproduced collection of the best of this groundbreaking early 20th century comic by the great Winsor McCay." Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"The book is so huge you have to crawl over it to read it. It's 21 inches long and 16 inches wide. And cartoonists from Matt Groening to Chris Ware are going nuts over it. It's not only the grand cinematic things that come through at full scale. It's the little things too" Sarah Boxer, New York Times

"Very few people who are still alive have seen Winsor McCay's work the way it was meant to be seen... I've seen scattered reprints of "Little Nemo," but I opened this book and thought, 'Now I get it'. " Douglas Wolk, Salon

"The turn-of-the-century strip couldn't look better in a new, lavishly produced book that collects 110 of McCay's magnificently illustrated, full-color Sunday strips, completely restored and reproduced in their original dimensions."Calvin Reid, Publisher's Weekly

"It took only a century, but Winsor McCay's comic-strip masterpiece -magical, surreal, and breathtakingly beautiful - has finally found a home in this oversize limited-edition volume." Entertainment Weekly - #6 on "The Must List", December 2005

"Absolutely Gorgeous... 100 years ago there appeared a full color comic strip unlike any seen before or since... Some of the most visually inventive comics ever created... Though collected in various editions over the years, this one is the finest..."So Many Splendid Sundays" is a magic formula for instant regression as you cradle a huge book in your lap and stare, open-mouthed, at the dazzling color, wild visual imagination and enchanting stories of "Little Nemo." Andrew Arnold, TIME Online - Best Comics of the Year, February 2006

"This hugely influential work ... has long been in dire need of a loving touch, and Sunday Press Books has exceeded all expectations with its new collection Little Nemo in Slumberland." Jessa Crispin, Chicago Sun Times

"... a spectacular centennial celebration of cartoonist Winsor McCay's magnum opus, painstakingly restored, presented in authentic hues and blatantly uncommercial full broadsheet format, exemplifies the old Marshall McLuhan paradigm by which an obsolete form is transformed into an objet d'art." Jay Hoberman, The Village Voice

"The art book sleeper of the year. Those who already know Winsor McCay's place in the firmament of comic-strip artists will understand, especially when they learn that the book reproduces more than 100 of McCay's best pages at full broadsheet size. For those who don't yet know McCay, the briefest glimpse of the book's contents will make the magic of his work evident." Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle

"Think Garfield is the zenith of Sunday comics? Then take a look at the absolutely gorgeous stories and artwork in the dreamy new collection ... This edition is frankly amazing; its massive size and color-corrected prints do justice to one of the most mind-bogglingly lovely comic strips you've ever seen... no book was bigger in our minds than Peter Maresca's tribute to Winsor McCay's 100-year-old Sunday comic, Little Nemo in Slumberland .... this was a labor of love that we continue to enjoy and recommend." E! Online - 2006, Best of the Year

"(This) book is one of the most ambitious, and passionate, documents of an artist's life work. Publishing McCay's original Little Nemo in Slumberland pages at their full Sunday broadsheet newspaper size is unprecedented." Stephen Heller, AIGA

"There are several ways to set eyes on original Little Nemo strips. . . but the most interesting option of all just became available from Sunday Press Books. Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays is 16" wide, 21" tall, and 120 pages thick, and, barring ripping off the archives of the New York Public Library, it is the only way of seeing Little Nemo strips at their original broadsheet size." Taylor Jessen, Animation World Magazine

"Winsor McCay dreamed in rainbows, rainbows almost measurelessly large and lovely, shapes outswept in perfect perspective across spacious pages of newsprint in a Sunday comic strip that is still regarded as a sustained pinnacle of fantastic design and imagination: Little Nemo in Slumberland.   Now, thanks to an extraordinary new book, it is possible to appreciate what McCay had in mind, what he wrought. A selection of the best of his work, actual size, has come out at last. Nemo hasn't looked this glorious in a hundred years." Michael C. Browning, Palm Beach Post

"Unlike many other Nemo reproductions (which feel puny by comparison) Sunday Press has taken care to avoid the wrong kind of color correction, delivering historically truer hues on a beautiful matte stock. The result is the best reproduction yet of what Nemo really looked like in the New York Herald, on a turn-of-the-century Sunday morning breakfast table. " Stephen Dougherty, Bold Type Monthly

"... this would be a beautiful addition for display and browsing."Ann Kim, Library Journal, November 2005

"Enter: Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays! It is remarkable not only because it returns McCay to print, an event which was long overdue, but also because it breaks new ground in how comics are, and should be, reproduced. In other words: the content is extraordinary, but so is the enormous object itself ." Gabreil Greenberg, PopMatters